TANZANIAN HUSBANDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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picha kwa hisani ya www.artinafrica.com

THE SAMBAA- has one wife has one girlfriend But he loves his wife most!

THE NYAKYUSA-Has one wife has one concubine But he loves his concubine the most

THE CHAGGA -Has one wife has 0 girlfriend But he loves his wife most!

THE NGONI-Has one wife has one girlfriend But he loves the house maid most!!!

THE SUKUMA-Has two wives has two girlfriends he loves the wives sister the most!!!!

THE JALUO-Has f4wives has 4girlfriends he loves his neighbours wife the most!1

Katutumia mdau Mary Ngolly,asante sana kipenzi.


  1. Thanks for that research,but for chagas am not very much sure,what about town wife and the village one who take care of the cattles and shambas?think about it!

  2. how about wapare?

  3. THE KURYA - Has 2 (or more) wives and 2 girlfriends and he beats them all.!

  4. Hehehehehe LUCCI umenifurahisha sana nakuunga mkono

  5. duuuh hiyo kali,ila ya mkuria ndo kiboko.........

  6. Mhh! what about wahehe and wahaya

  7. WAHAYA one wife one girlfriend he loves most her causin